Are your English skills really professional enough for your career?

Today’s managers work in global business environments requiring entrepreneurial finesse and superior language skills to work professionally. For all levels of management, business English skills are invaluable and foster social competence.

A sudden promotion to a higher managerial position or the change in your company language to English may mean that from one day to the next you need professional language skills coaching.

Your situation?

You’ve had some English in school, maybe 3-7 years of it, but that was years ago and now you need sector and business English.

Or you speak several languages and need to refresh your knowledge, improve your accuracy and be able to speak and/or write on the same level of professionality that you can in your mother tongue(s).

Or maybe you feel like languages were never your thing; you prefer technical or financial challenges.

After a free, comprehensive, detailed needs analysis in your company either via HR or yourself, it will be time to start! Are you ready for your own professional business English trainer? It can be one of the best things you have ever done for your career.

Why in-company training?

Polishing your business English skills needs to be done individually, intensively and tailored to your position in an international or pan-European work environment. That’s why language skills coaching takes place at your company and around your schedule. You might need an intensive grammar review using sector vocabulary and job related tasks you need to complete in your position. Perhaps next week you are giving a presentation in Asia, followed by a trip to the States and then back to Europe. A coaching session may be needed to tailor the language of your presentation and practice fielding tough questions you may need to answer from the audience.

Or you may simply want to profit from my voice coaching expertise to polish your speaking so that your next media presentation in English is perfect.