1 to 1 Language Skills Coaching

Intensive, Individual, International

Upper management positions today require handling all forms of international business in English with ease. This includes socializing in multi-cultural environments, presenting clearly and professional media-work. Why not let my unique Voice Coaching put the final polish on your English?

Middle management positions can change suddenly and technical people find themselves in new leadership positions requiring fluency in English to lead international meetings competently, give presentations to multi-national audiences or sell new products to clients and collaborators. Project work means there is no time to go abroad for longer periods of time. Tailored, intensive individual or group training is the answer.

Many young multilingual managers who have just finished university start their careers and find that as soon as they are promoted into new positions their English professional skills need polishing. Meeting the tasks at hand requires acquiring specific business English skills. A short intensive skills coaching is the answer.

Time to make time for business English coaching?


Both individual managers and sales teams come to points of being over-challenged when presenting in English. Structuring and visualizing the message, stylistic issues, fielding questions and creating clarity all need coaching and practice.

A 3 to 4 day hands on seminar can get you and your team Presenting in English for International Business professionally.

What are seminar participants saying about my group seminar work and team coaching?

»I really enjoyed participating in your seminar; it was one of the best moments in my professional career.«

Patrick Mabillard

»It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn how to do a proper presentation in English! I had great fun with the team and with you and these three days were truly enriching. Thank you again for your patience.«

Barbara Zimmermann

»The seminar was very valuable for my reflection on my presentation style.
Many thanks!«

Roman Hunziker

»Your seminars are “living” and your way of teaching is very motivating and made me keen to learn more. I really appreciated having a detailed personal feedback.«

Frédérick Niederberger

»Pleasant, relaxed and informative seminar. Thank you!«

Aldevinas Burokas

HR Consulting

HR directors and training managers today need competent language consultants to conduct language training assessment for management and offer appropriate solutions. What could be better than working with a training consultant who is also a seasoned HR manager? Discretion guaranteed.

Corporate Communication Partner

Nothing is moving faster than the media and technology today. All the more reason to be sure that your media work is the same quality in all the languages you communicate in. Video clips and media releases in English on the Internet, Intranet or in traditional media must be consistently business neutral genre and complement internal corporate communication and branding.

Let’s face it, there are just things that mother-tongue English speaking communication professionals know, given years of exposure to the language through work and education. It’s not just about translation, but rather use of the appropriate style and accuracy of expression. Why not let a communication specialist who has lived in both English and German speaking cultures help with the design of the message? Voice Coaching for videocasts on the Internet or media can also take your presentation to the next level.